Dog Shaming Hits Home



Just a couple of days after I learned about the Dog Shaming site, I had a shame-worthy moment with the lovely, Juenot.  You may remember his as dog from down the hall at work.  He stays with us a couple of times a week.

He likes me.  So much that he piddled AND took a dump right behind my chair/desk today while I was out by the water cooler.  Luckily, the dog owner in our office took responsibility for having invited the scoundrel in, and cleaned up. 

Juenot’s person brought us yummy cookies from a specialty shop down the street, and I submitted this photo to the site. 

All in all, still far better than my average work day in the UCLA library system.



2 thoughts on “Dog Shaming Hits Home

  1. no says:

    oh…funeee! (Tho I can’t understand why he’d like you!)

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