Inside Out

This is the hard drive from one of my old laptops.  May be sending it to my nephew.  If it doesn’t work for him, at least it’s out of the old carapace, so I can take it to recycling without worrying about someone reviving it and finding the key to the universe that I left in there.

DBeans can handle it, but it might blow some thief’s tiny mind.  Aren’t I nice to worry about thieves?

NASA would have loved to have this much computing power in the palm of their hands in 1969.  I have been thinking about Neil Armstrong so much since his passing.  The man on the moon.


2 thoughts on “Inside Out

  1. no says:

    Yeah…Neil Armstrong. I remember that it felt exciting just to drive through Wapakaneta, Ohio, his tiny hometown, after that walk on the moon.

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