I Spy DIY Fashion by Jenni Radosevich

This is, of course, the before-ish photo.  Why don’t I think to actually take these before?

Saw this cool project in Jenni Radosevich’s book I Spy DIY Fashion.  Hey, I have cheap black plastic sunglasses and a silver permanent marker!  (I use it to label all those cords and converters tangled under my desk.)

I have long been a member of the black Sharpie fix-it team. A long long time ago a coworker at a restaurant gave me a (trust me, very cool at the time) black satin jacket with tails that had bleach stains on it.  It was also heavier in the back because it had a cute set of buttons on sort of a waist high epaulette.  (There’s probably a word for that thing.)  So the collar tended to slip away from her neck when she wore it.

She was shocked when I walked in with it on, all fixed up.  I used the Sharpie to color in the bleach spots and sewed a couple of washers into the front seams as counterweights.

The black Sharpie is like the opposite of a bleach pen.  Great on shoes, bags, etc.  Sometimes you just need the little bit of wear camouflaged so it doesn’t draw the eye.

The (nearly) finished product.  I see where they could use a couple more swipes of silver.  They looked cool with just diagonal lines, but the cross-hatching is more forgiving.

p.s. I did this in about 5 minutes including photo shoot time this morning before work.  My advice is, don’t over-think it.

Now the issue is going to be NOT doing this or something like it to every black plastic thing I own.

Oh, and do check out the I Spy DIY Fashion website.  Really cool.  But also kind of scary.  Remember when writing and publishing a book was an end in itself and didn’t require becoming a cottage industry with a steady stream of new ideas?


2 thoughts on “I Spy DIY Fashion by Jenni Radosevich

  1. no says:

    OH fun! Where’s my silver marker?!

  2. Sundry says:

    I expect to see everything covered in silver next time I’m there!

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