River Walk with Me

Brunch along the Riverwalk with some of our friends from Hydra’s Army unit.

Bonzai pauses to help James  Bond out on our way in to see The Alamo IMAX movie.

Cool optical illusion!  The Nix Professional Building looks like it’s just a wall from the perspective of a boat on the River Walk.  We went with a group after dinner.  The River Walk boat tour is well worth the $8.50 we paid.  The tour guide tells all kinds of things about the history of the buildings and the River Walk itself.

A lot of the River Walk is very commercial, as it’s lined with shops and restaurants.  But after learning that the whole thing was designed by one man, Robert H. Hugman, in the late 1920s, I saw it in a different light.  It morphed into one huge piece of public art for me.

The depth of the winding corridor makes the climate noticeably cooler down by the water.  The  gorgeous waterfalls and grottoes actually aerate the river.   We even walked through a lovely amphitheater.

Nice history of the River Walk can be found HERE.


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