San Antonio After Dark

The Alamo is not a very big fort.  See Hydra to the left of the entrance in this shot?

Another shot of The Alamo with The Crockett Hotel sign in the background.  They won’t let you take photos inside.  I didn’t go in this time, since I saw it about four years ago when I was here with Bauer and Tejas, and I was on a working vacation, doing my research from the hotel room during the day or evening, depending on what the group was up to.  Kind of stressful sometimes, as I feel like I’m missing stuff, but better than using up all my precious vacation days!

A commercial building called The Alamo.  See the image of the fortress in the stained glass?  This is about three stories high.

San Fernando Cathedral, where the remains of some of the “heroes of the Alamo” are said to be kept.  We walked by this several times at night on our way back to our hotel, but never when it was open.

Looking up at the cathedral.

Cool artwork around a construction site.  I might not have stopped to take this if Bonzai hadn’t.  Good catch… it looks even more 3-D in this photo than it did at the time.

My foot with one of the lights at the base of the cathedral.  Something you should know about me.  I take pictures of my foot.


One thought on “San Antonio After Dark

  1. joan says:

    Amazing pictures…again!

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