Rancho Wabi Sabi Revisited


Isn’t this just so cool?  Tejas was telling us about how the locusts come crowding in every few years and set up quite a racket.  When we went to get eggs in the morning, she plucked a locust shell off the side of the chicken coop and showed it to us.  One of the other photos from this sequence is going to make a great addition to my series on hands!

We went back to Bauer and Tejas’s place for a couple of days of R&R before hitting the road again.  It’s a little cooler at their house, and so perfectly laid back.


No depiction of the rancho would be complete without  photos of the poosches of  Wabi Sabi.  This is Petey helping Tejas from just outside the chicken enclosure.

Chablis guards the back steps.

I like the skull hanging in amongst the barbeque tools.

A night blooming moon flower, just beginning to fade in the morning light.

Cool sign in little Wimberly, TX where we went for a nice outdoor lunch near the river.

Nice repurposing of an old feeder into a planter at another shop in Wimberly.  We bought some yard art here, but I can’t recall the name of the shop.

More yard art at the same shop.  Ours is a bit more subdued…copper. I’ll show it to you when we get home.


2 thoughts on “Rancho Wabi Sabi Revisited

  1. joan says:

    All kinds of neat stuff! I especially like the moon flower!

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