How to Say Thank You in 400 Calories or Less

Bring a mixture of healthy and mildly decadent treats!

I arranged this little offering to thank my co-workers for covering for me while I was out for a few days.  Stopped at Porto’s to pick up multi-grain bread for use with the Fredricksburg, TX Apricot Ginger preserves  and had to get a dozen mixed raspberry and dulce de leche kisses.

The fresh peaches are from Blum Ranch in Acton, and always a hit in the office.  The aliens are direct from our stop in Roswell, New Mexico toward the end of our 12-day odyssey–part of which was a working vacation for me–around the southwest.

I’ll be back-posting pictures from our road trip to San Antonio and Canyon Lake, TX and to Santa Fe, and some of the miles in between over the next days and weeks.  We had a lot of fun, many good conversations and saw some amazing sights.  My favorites are not on the tourist track, but there is nothing wrong, in my opinion, with being a tourist either.

Years ago in a writing workshop I attended, James D. Houston said that you can take a trip or you can take a journey.  Taking a journey means that you allow the experience to change you.

I think by consciously opening myself to this possibility and by contemplating the experiences I have had after I return, I do manage to take more journeys than trips, by far.


8 thoughts on “How to Say Thank You in 400 Calories or Less

  1. How clever! And looks delicious besides!

  2. Hydra says:

    If we aren’t glowing from alien radiation we’re glowing from what was left over from the Manhattan Project.

  3. kitwocky says:

    That is perfection. I love it.

    I look forward to your complete report, particularly because Santa Fe is one of our stops in our upcoming journey!

    • Sundry says:

      I’m looking forward to spending time with your photos, too. We wanted to drive a bit of Route 66, but there were monsoon rains in Kingman and the streets were flooding, so we thought better of striking out on little ol’ 66. We had a brief but lovely stay in Santa Fe…yay, more incentive to fill in the blanks!

  4. no says:

    It looks delicious! I’m looking forward to your pictures!

  5. Sundry says:

    You need to come out here and get some peaches!

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