How the Ancient Egyptians Might Have Moved Refrigerators

There’s been all this speculation over the years that something other than humans moved stones in Egypt and England, and basically everywhere that large objects were hauled around by pre-industrial  civilizations.  When the delivery guys who brought our new refrigerator told us that they were going to carry it, our mouths dropped open.  Huh?

Dig the simple, effective straps they used to lift and maneuver the fridge with!  Though I know it took a lot of effort, they made it look easy. The fridge seemed to hover between them as they slipped through the door, across the music room/library and into the kitchen.  I did not ask them to stop so I could get a better angle.

Anyway, I’ll be that humans had enough ingenuity to use straps like this to move big things way in the past without leaving any marks or remnants.  They could have even worked out a system of ropes and harnesses to employ more than just two guys on a big block.

Really great guys.  The one who’s smiling in this shot assembled the shelves, put the freezer door back on, etc. while the other guy reattached the storm door closer that they’d had to remove.   We would have offered them a cold drink if we had one, but the old fridge was completely and stinkily deceased when we arrived home from our road trip on Wednesday night.


Before and after.   Hydra did a great job of shopping during the day on Thursday while I worked, so we could go around and compare all the others to the KitchenAid model that he found on sale at Lowe’s.  It’s a little bigger and we are kind of excited about the French doors and bottom freezer.


3 thoughts on “How the Ancient Egyptians Might Have Moved Refrigerators

  1. RuthG says:

    Congrats on the shiny new fridge! That IS quite ingenious.

  2. no says:

    Another mystery solved! Looks like the new fridge fits right in, too!

  3. Sundry says:

    We “had” to buy some new kitchen towels and might have to paint the kitchen, too. Is red out of style now? (It’s been 12 years since we moved in and Mom painted!)

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