Endeavor Has Landed

You get the impression that the Air Force likes its privacy.

We’ve been reading about the Space Shuttle Endeavor’s move to its final resting place in Los Angeles.  Today it took a bit of a victory piggy back ride on a 747 around the country to places that helped build it.  I took a long lunch from working at home and we drove out to Edwards Air Force Base/ NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, which is about 35 miles from us to see what we could of its landing here, where it will spend the night tonight.

They have a lot of room to make mistakes out here, huh?

See it?  Just to the left of the line of light poles!

We went to the gate at the base, where the service men and women were really nice, but under-briefed.  I knew more from reading the newspaper than they did.  We couldn’t get on the base and an officer came by where we were first parked, near the buildings in this photo, and shooed us off.  We were supposed to go 14 miles down the road to the outer perimeter of the base, but we pulled over amongst other cars and waited to be chased off again, but we weren’t.

I overheard a serviceman explain to someone else that they weren’t letting civilians on the base because they might, “take pictures or do stupid stuff.”  Can’t really argue with that.

A cropped photo from the one above.  There it is!  The reality, standing there in the desert was in between these versions.  I could make out the separation between the shuttle and the 747.

While we waited we talked to a woman named Bonnie and her daughter Tara.  It was worth it to go out and see all the people gathered to witness this historic event.

Yeah, I picked up a roadside rock to put on the foundation of the house.

This B-1 bomber preceded the landing and also kept an eye on us as we all hit the road and headed home.

Endeavor will fly low over Mojave, Rosamond, Lancaster and Palmdale shortly after take off at 7:15 PDT tomorrow, and we’re planning to be out there somewhere between the Palmdale Airport and one of the big aerospace plants.  A lot of work was done on the shuttle by people around here, so they’re kind of saying thanks.  The company Hydra worked for in Santa Clarita made a part that was used on the shuttles.

It’ll loop up to Sacramento, I guess, and then aim for LAX around 10:45 a.m.  Roads will be closed near the airport, I’ve read.

The last leg will be on October 12th or 13th, and we are hoping to see that, too…through the streets of Los Angeles.


5 thoughts on “Endeavor Has Landed

  1. Hydra says:

    Great camera work, Rodan.

  2. Hydra says:

    Actually the lable that says fighter jet should be B1 bomber. There was a chase plane but it wasn’t in the picture.

  3. Brian Witmer says:

    very cool trip


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