Critters on the Pacific Crest Trail

We hiked a tiny portion of the Pacific Crest Trail for about 75 minutes today.  Met a guy on the trail who was at the end of a 50-mile segment.  He’d started at Buckhorn Camp.

A new view of the rocks in the distance for us.  Parking lot we used is at the bottom right.  The green belt is the Santa Clara River bed, with a Metrolink and freight train track just above it.  Taken from the end of the trail visible in the first photo.

Tiny baby rattlesnake.  It was coiled a few seconds before this shot.  Then it took off quickly for the brush.  Perfect encounter.

Ant with a big stick.  He was really hauling this thing around.


One thought on “Critters on the Pacific Crest Trail

  1. joan says:

    You live in a very interesting environment!! Baby rattlers, even!

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