Pomegranate Love

Pomegranates.  Worth the effort.

That bowl was filled with a pomegranate from the farmer’s market, but we hope to some day have our own  home grown fruit.  My brother, Bauer, grew this pomegranate sapling from a cutting and sent it home with us last month.  It spent a couple of nights in Santa Fe on our way home. We plead with the agricultural officer at the California border and he kindly brought out a wheelbarrow and cleaned the dirt off of the roots along with a fig and two coffee plants.  We stopped at the first place we could, a Rite Aid in Needles, CA (about six miles from the border) to buy a bucket and a bottle of water to get them the rest of the way home.

Some of the bottom leaves turned yellow and fell off, but now he little pomegranate that could looks happy in it’s new home, with two little coffee plants.  The fig didn’t make it.  Maybe in a few years we’ll be showing off home grown pomegranates!

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