An OC Thanksgiving



We took the forest route from Acton to Pasadena on the first leg of our journey to spend Thanksgiving with the California Cousins.  Hydra drove back and turned around so I could get a shot of this tree, which he has grown fond of during his weekly drives to Glendale to ATF Citizens Academy sessions.

I was thankful that I was not one of these bicyclists.  I respect what they’re doing, but can’t say that peddling up ten miles and then screaming back down doesn’t hold any charm for me at all!

The appetizer spread that Hydra and I brought.  I will post the recipe for the mini quiches and mini rosemary/chive corn muffins in time for the next big holiday, I promise.  I am going to buy another mini-muffin pan.  Trust me, anything made in a mini-muffin tin increases in appeal exponentially.

CuzM leads the traditional holiday telephone call to the Michigan Cousins during which we compare outside temperatures and attempt to make them groan out loud.  Redwing was in Florida this time…foiled!  (Note the glasses on the webcam for that personal touch.)

CuzP’s latest stained glass work. It really shimmers in the light!

Elsewhere in the yard: rumor has it that the birds don’t actually use this birdhouse. Wonder why?

You may very well have had a turkey as good as this one, but you did not have one that was better.  So tender and moist.  Maybe CuzM’s nickname should be changed to The Turkenator.

About to start the feast.  Just wanted you to know that The OC (Orange County, CA) is not all about reality shows, South Coast Plaza and The Nixon Library.


8 thoughts on “An OC Thanksgiving

  1. kitty says:

    What an absolutely beautiful drive to your feast! (Thanks, Hydra, for making that u-turn.) Your pictures bring back good memories of another Thanksgiving with the cousins!

  2. Brian Witmer says:

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING!   It looks like you are staying busy. I am doing well. It’s hard to notice any signs of additional improvement, so I think I’ll increase my exercising.   Did you hear?  The top-rated collegiate football and basketball teams are both in Indiana!  I loved the video of john’s place, it looks so lush! Love you, Brian


    • Sundry says:

      Great to hear from you, Brian. Exercise is so good. Hmm. Guess I need to stop letting my messed up knee stop me and grab some weights, to keep up with you. Good year for Hoosier sports, I didn’t know. Glad you liked the video. It was the best part of our really good road trip!

  3. Jean says:

    I bet if you had no other way to get to all of that good food & family fun you’d ride your bike over that mountain! 🙂

  4. Sundry says:

    LOL… Mayyyybe. But it’s 100 miles each way, so we might have to stay over night. 😀

  5. Cuz Toni says:

    Everything looks delicious! We so look forward to our holiday phone calls. For Christmas, I’ll put some make-up on, comb my hair and we can do video chat/face time.

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