The Yard Sale and Cemetery Tour of Acton, CA

What is truly impressive about this real caboose is that it was hauled up a winding road to a winding dirt lane to end up here, looking toward Vasquez Rocks.

I spent Saturday morning and early afternoon exploring Acton and Agua Dulce with LDub.  I told her that our local yard sales often turn out to be a long drive down a dirt road to find some desert dweller who has put an ad in the local paper and opened the garage door in hopes of getting some company.

There was only one listing in the Agua Dulce/Acton Country Journal, and it did not disappoint.  We drove up a steep gullied lane with the tires of my Sonata throwing up dust to get a little purchase, and ended up at the home of a retired film electrician.  He and his wife own 9 acres including some gorgeous rocks on the hillside next to their house.  We chatted and shopped and came away with some vintage painted metal trays.

Then we followed some very nice signs to a sale in Agua Dulce.  The woman told us that the politicians never pick up their signs, so she pulled them up and repapered them with her ads.  LDub did a great job of bargaining for some vintage dishes that we’re going to split up.  More on that soon.

The caboose was near the second house.

LDub at the entrance to a fenced off area of Acton Cemetery.  It was such a pleasure sharing Acton with LDub.  She loved seeing the different perspectives and ways of living as much as I do, and I knew she’d enjoy our quirky cemetery.

Several of the graves are marked with only a wooden cross and R.I.P.  No name.  There were some graves from the past couple of years with just 2×4 markers scratched with a name and date.

It struck me as we wandered through the junipers that this is what a graveyard looks like when there are no set rules.  The memorials take many shapes.

I’ll just bet that this set in this woman’s yard for years before being placed here.

A fabric woody station wagon with a surfboard on top and wheels that spin in the wind.  Part of the tribute to a young man who died when he was 19.

The most recent.  Not yet marked.  The flowers are still fresh and the ribbon reads “Granddaughter.”

I enjoy the little slices of lives that remain in cemeteries.  I love that people can express themselves as they wish in ours.  The land was donated to the town in 1890 by the Deuhren Family.

LDub and I had a good time filtering through the past together, through people’s cast offs and this grave yard, talking about the present and future all along the way.


6 thoughts on “The Yard Sale and Cemetery Tour of Acton, CA

  1. Ed Miller says:

    Sally, I really liked this. Barb and I used to do a lot of just driving around looking for out of the way places that held all kinds of good finds and great photos. Keep it up.

  2. Sundry says:

    Next time you can make it up here we should go poke around the cemetery and do a little photo safari on the back roads.

  3. kitty says:

    This is priceless! Thanks for showing it to us.

  4. Sundry says:

    I wish I’d taken more pix around the yard sales. One of them said that he was going to be there next week with stuff from their storage unit, so we may go back and get a shot of the rocks behind his house.

  5. thanks for the many pictures and stories of the weekend with LDub.It reminded me of the times she and I went yard saleing.That is a very quaint cemetery.

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