Season of Light


 We don’t go to malls a lot, but we felt like being out amongst the crowd on Saturday night, so we went to Old Towne Mall in Valencia, where they have an outdoor street full of shops as well as the indoor mall.  We stumbled into this place, which I thought was called Aura Lighting…but I can’t find a listing for it online.  Anyway, it was amazing in there.


The trees  are usable inside and out.


I was actually really tempted by some of the smaller ones.


Who’s that lurking in the semi-dark?

I thought this would be a calming place to work.  They’re moving shop down to Santa Monica soon.


4 thoughts on “Season of Light

  1. RuthG says:


  2. kitty says:

    Boy, that sounds really interesting! It must feel enchanted in there.

  3. Sundry says:

    They were so well done, it would be fun to have one in the bedroom, or in the yard.

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