If the Hat Fits

Germany Hats Color0001

My dad and mom, 1983.  She was a civilian elementary school teacher at Rein Mein Air Force Base for two years.  I went over and stayed with them for about four months.  We went to Paris for Christmas.  When we arrived home in Graefenhausen, the place was so cold they hopped into bed with their coats on.  I love this photo.

Dan Hat

This Christmas, Mom offered my nephew dBeans his pick of Dad’s hats.  He liked them all and she told me he left the house wearing the German fedora.  Since I had the photo right next to my desk, I scanned it and printed a copy for him.  This is the selfie he sent back to me.

Gotta love it!


3 thoughts on “If the Hat Fits

  1. RuthG says:

    Oh goodness, this could be you & your hubby! So cute.

  2. Sundry says:

    Ha, and it almost was this morning. Furnace went out last night and it was quite chilly in here for a while. 😀

  3. kitwocky says:

    It’s really remarkable how much you resemble your mom. Cool!

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