Is It Wrong to Love


…boots as much as I love these silly things?

They’re gold, for Pete’s sake.  When my late mother-in-law wore gold brocaded flats in the 80s it was all I could do not to roll my eyes and wonder aloud where the heck she found them. Cut to some years later, me finding these on sale at Macy’s for just under $20.

I bought them and took them to the car where I popped the trunk and immediately unpacked them and tucked my skinny jeans into them. When I looked up a pair of women about my age had stopped on their way into the store. They grinned at me and flashed a thumbs up.

“I had to put them on right away,” I explained, laughing. “I might not have the nerve to later!”

“They’re cute!” “Good going!” They called out.

Footwear solidarity!

p.s. They are warm and ever so comfy.

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