Sundry’s Lab


My current ferments, left to right: baby carrots, green cabbage, parsnips and red cabbage.

So far, the carrots are my favorite.  I’ve made three batches of those!


Red cabbage before going into the jar.  Just because it’s pretty.

I don’t think I’ve ever bought red cabbage before, due to a humiliating dining experience when on a trip to Fort Wayne with the prom committee in high school. But Kitwocky recommended it, so when I saw a nice looking head I picked it up.



Brilliant red cabbage kraut and fermented carrots.  The red cabbage was great at first, but I think I used too much salt and now that it’s progressing, it’s a bit much for munching straight.  Maybe the remainder will work in salads.


One thought on “Sundry’s Lab

  1. kitwocky says:

    Hurrah! Love your lab. And I must recommend a dining experience (you’ll see why in a second): A-Frame in Culver City. They have a home-made pickle platter that blew my mind. They had a few you’d expect (carrots, sweet pickles, fennel, radish), but then there was a shocker: Asian pear. The sweet crisp of the pear with the tart acidity of their pickling recipe – oh my. I honestly had chills. And my mouth is currently watering. Amazing.

    Here’s a link:


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