Brigadoon, I Presume?


Isn’t this amazing?  I’d heard that Disney was building a back lot off of Placerita Canyon, but I’d never caught a glimpse of more than the big parking area where they staged a big shoot for Charlie Wilson’s War some years ago.  We remarked on the little city of  white tents that popped up for the filming, so it was especially surreal to see the familiar site with a completely different skyline behind it when we saw the movie in the theater.

Golden Oak Ranch, which looks like it’s at least three stories high and a couple of blocks wide is tucked away in the mountains off the 14 freeway.  I would LOVE to see this up close.

They say they’ll eventually build new sound stages, too.  Great.  Just what I need is another 3,000 jobs between my home in Acton and my office in Burbank.


3 thoughts on “Brigadoon, I Presume?

  1. Brigadoon meets Mayberry. We need to walk over there like we know what we are doing and talk our way onto that set!

  2. Sundry says:

    Maybe we could ride up on bikes and I could fake a bike injury. Actually, I could probably make a bike injury a reality pretty easily.

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