Give Me Land, Lots of Land


Hydra points out our place on the map.

Going through some piles of papers in my studio, I ran across this photo of Hydra from 1999. (Pre-blog, naturally.)

His mother had just passed away, and we decided to take a break from everything at her house to go look at the land we and Hydra’s brother had just inherited from his parents.  In the “town” of Toltec, AZ. Suburb of Eloy.

We figured we’d pick up a rock or a branch from the two lots his folks bought in the seventies, but as you can see there was nothing there. At all. Not even a pebble of any appreciable size. Wow. Where should we start digging the pool, do you think?

We were pretty shocked that someone bulldozed this whole area at some point. There were a couple of houses scattered around, probably people who were bound and determined to make use of their lots.

We talked to the people at a community center in Eloy, where they told us that a lot of people who came out and some who hadn’t donated their land to the local church.  It’s currently worth about 10-20% of what they paid for it with their hard earned 1970s U.S. currency.

Congressman Morris Udall (AZ) had this to say about that, basically that it was a huge ripoff.  There’s also land on the wrong side of Lake Mead with our name on it.  We’re so proud.




2 thoughts on “Give Me Land, Lots of Land

  1. How sad and strange it must have been to find that everything had vanished, especially right after your mother-in-law died. Still have my Udall ’76 button, btw.

  2. Sundry says:

    It was an odd day, but ultimately so good that we got out of the house. It really changed our whole approach to the rest of the week we were there, and gave us something to laugh about.

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