Where to Start? Puerto Escondido, Mexico.


The arrow marks approximate location of Hotel Ines as seen from the plane on our approach.

I was going to be all creative and do themed posts about our recent trip to Puerto Escondido, Mexico, but I have been having a hard time deciding where to start.  So I’m going to just back date these posts to the days the photos were taken, and do it chronologically.


My mom, Kitty, has been visiting this little beach town for most of the past 14 years.  She has lots of friends down there who also spend a month or more hanging out on the beach, going on excursions, etc.  It’s nice to share stuff like that, and it’s a very loose group so there are no obligations.  They often meet at the little pavilion just across Calle del Morro from Hotel Ines in this shot to watch the sun go down.


Our room, #5, is tucked away under the stairs, to the left of this shot.


Kitty welcomes us to her place, #24.  She met us at the airport. Nice to see a friendly face after a 14 hour red-eye flight!


The view from our room.


First thing on the agenda was a trip into the town to find an inexpensive guitar to play for the week.  Paid 500 pesos (about $39.00 US) for this little parlor classical, which is cheaper than checking a guitar or extra bag in one direction on an airline.  And a lot less worry!  Wouldn’t want one of his good guitars to get the treatment we’ve seen horror stories about online.


On our way back from town, this guy was juggling in the street.  The taxi driver said he was from Australia, I think.  Taxi rides just about anywhere it town could be had for 25 pesos (about $2.00 USD).  Some of the cabs were pretty rickety and the roads were rough, but the rides were short!


Back to the beach and a cerveza at Los Tios, right across from the hotel.


This came with our order of guacamole.  We also had fresh fish dinners for our first meal in country.


Charming hand-washing area at Los Tios.  It was lovely to sit there till sunset, when we joined the other denizens of Hotel Ines to watch the sun go down in the ocean.


6 thoughts on “Where to Start? Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

  1. Tomas Scott says:

    Sounds great….Hmmmm….Sounds like everyday for Marge and I…Glad ya had fun. Thanks for the pictures…

  2. RuthG says:

    So lovely! Wonderful that you got to take this trip.

  3. As much as I’d like to say something nice about this post, I can only say that it made me WILDLY JEALOUS!! 😉

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