Instant Karma, L.A. Style

Last night  South Coast rehearsed at our house because band members live in Apple Valley and the San Fernando Valley and we’re just about midpoint between the two.   After their rehearsal, which was great to listen in on, we had dinner together.  Great evening.

Naw, we didn’t have chicken and waffles, but I think opening our house to them gave me some handy instant karma.  I had the sad task of ferrying Kitty to LAX this morning to head home.  We started at 5:40, a little later than planned, and made it to to Dinah’s Family Restaurant in an hour and ten minutes!

It was there that we threw caution to the wind and tried chicken and waffles for the first time. It’s a combo I first heard of when Hydra and I came to Los Angeles in 1985, but in which I had never indulged.  It was strangely wonderful.  Light, crisp waffles.  Hot crisp chicken.  Mmm.


My foot with the Dinah’s logo embedded in the tile outside the door.  I love diners, as you know.  If I didn’t live as far away as I do, I’d be a regular here.

We saw police officers–both in uniform and plain clothes (big radio on the table clued me in)–a mildly crazy lady, some business people, retirees, and a whole bunch of super-sized (and very fit) Army guys wearing desert fatigues with guns strapped to their legs…Special Forces???


Look at that beautiful blue sky for that beautiful person to fly away into!

Getting over the hill to work in Burbank took about an hour and a half, but I drove across the city and caught some amazing views of the Hollywood sign and the mountains behind it from Baldwin Hills.  More amazing mountain vistas coming down Barham into the Valley.

And the icing on the instant karma cake!?  Found a parking spot just a block from work on my first spin around the neighborhood.  Almost unheard of at 9:30, due to the great industry insider coffee house, Priscilla’s, on the first floor of my office building.

Want your own instant karma?  Check out South Coast’s music and see what happens!


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