Awkward Drawing of a Comfortable Chair


I’m still struggling a bit with my muse. Or muses.  It’s like they are duking it out for my attention lately.  I want to work on the novel rewrite, I really do.  I get up early. Sometimes I light candles or give my singing bowl a tap. Sometimes I make tea with great intention to bring her to my page.

Sometimes she comes.  Sometimes one of the others butts in line.  This morning I wrote a little at Starbucks and then the drawing muse elbowed her way onto the couch next to me.

“Nice fountain pen,” she cooed. “What a bold line it makes. Don’t you just love the leather chairs here? Last of a dying breed amongst the Starbucks.” She sighed heavily, as if they were already gone.

I couldn’t quite line up the camera to the same perspective as the drawing, but it is interesting how quickly I can see what’s out of whack when I look at the photograph. I knew it was awkward, but not exactly why.  Might be an interesting exercise to draw, take a photograph and then do another drawing having made the comparison.

But of course I didn’t think of that till I got to my computer, did I?

Anyway, after one nice calm weekend, March is picking up again. I’d like to say I’m going to write every day this month, but I don’t know if that will happen.  What I will say is that I’m going to do something creative every day this month.

March 1 – wrote, blogged.  March 2 – organized and edited photographs. March 3 – started sanding down the two tables I bought at the flea market and started researching painting/refinishing methods. March 4 – wrote (novel rewrite). March 5 – wrote, sketched.

p.s. You would love this new furniture-refinishing muse’s outfit. Bright yellow overalls atop a faded red tee shirt with the sleeves cut off, dark blue and white paisley handkerchief tied over her hair, and these cool goggles with squiggly permanent marker designs on the frames. She has muscles like that World War II “We Can Do It!” poster girl.

What do your muses look like?


6 thoughts on “Awkward Drawing of a Comfortable Chair

  1. kitty says:

    I envy you your muses (yellow overalls even!) …Where are mine when I need them!? I suppose I need to concentrate a bit more…like tea by candlelight, a singing bowl…. I love your description of the furniture muse!!

  2. Dona Robinson says:

    the yellow “bib” overalls, red shirt and kerchief reminds me of myself back in the’60’s. The World War ll poster girl was”Rosie the Riveter Girl”.

    • Sundry says:

      Oh that’s fun, Dona! I wore yellow bib overalls and a cut up sweatshirt in the early 80s. With blue leather shoes I bought in Germany. Easy to spot in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

  3. kitwocky says:

    Loved starting the day with this post yesterday, and I’m happy to report that it did some good. Apparently your overalls-wearing muse came by my place and slapped one of my muses around, urging her to get off her duff. My muse, you see, likes to lounge around in her vintage silk dressing gown (in a colorful Chinoiserie pattern), smoking exotic cigarettes. She’s LAZY. She was quite startled by the presence of your lively muse, and it seems to have done the trick. I entered a photo contest and drafted a blog post yesterday, so thanks!!!

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