Textures of Southern Mexico – Puerto Escondido


Detail of the inside of one of the many palm frond roofs.  Took this as we breakfasted at El Cafecito on our first morning there. One of Kitty’s friends came over to tell me that they use all parts of the palms in the construction of these roofs, poles and bindings are also from the trees.

Since I didn’t post updates from our February 8-15 vacation in Puerto Escondido, way down on the coast of Oaxaca, I’ve been pondering how to organize my photos. Going through them today, I saw several connecting themes.  Today, it’s textures.



An example of the exterior of one of the palapa style roofs.  This one,  by the pool at Hotel Ines, shelters the restaurant kitchen, part of the seating area and the check-in desk.


Fallen bougainvillaea blossom on the floor at the indoor/outdoor Dan’s Cafe Deluxe.


Lovely mixed media wall at Dan’s Cafe Deluxe.


Chair and table on the way to Kitty’s room at Hotel Ines.


Random lovely wall, on the walk between Dan’s Cafe Deluxe and Calle Morro.


Luscious waxy flower hanging over a fence along Calle Morro, which runs next to the shore.


Cool cotton clothing on offer along El Adoquin, the touristy shopping area.


All over town, in the cafes and  under beach umbrellas, the tables are graced with lovely locally woven pastel tablecloths.


And of course, always:  the sun, sand and grand  surfable waves of Playa Zicatela.



6 thoughts on “Textures of Southern Mexico – Puerto Escondido

  1. kubazoot says:

    Love the textures, Sally, you know I do!

  2. seabluelee says:

    That looks like a wonderful place to visit, especially in January/February. I love the rhythmic intricacy of the palm frond roof, and that stone wall is gorgeous.

    • Sundry says:

      My mother, who lives in northern Indiana, has been going there almost every year for 14 years. She’s befriended lots of folks from Canada and the northern US states who are there to escape the winters. I kind of love Southern California winters, so this was unusual for us!

  3. kitty says:

    What a lovely collection of textures, Sundry! Your photographer’s eye never fails to capture the beauty.

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