Socially Unaccepable Cookie Bars


Assemble 4 1/2 cups of goodies from your pantry. You know you can do it!

I went looking online for a way to use up the sweetened condensed milk that I opened to make snow cream, and discovered  an ingeniously evil recipe called Clean Your Pantry Cookie Bars.  Warning: I usually try to post healthy recipes, and this is everything but healthy. Which renders it pretty much socially unacceptable. But really tasty and a lot of fun to make.

This is a great time for a recipe like this if you, like me, have a bunch of leftover chocolate, nuts and dried fruit from the Christmas season and you have an event like a non-profit organization board meeting or a pot luck where you can spread the potential health risk out amongst a lot of people.

Carrol Pellegrinelli’s original recipe is here, this is just my play-by-play.


The recipe calls for graham cracker crusts.  I used a packet of Goya brand Marie cookies instead.  Crushed them with a rolling pin in a big platter.  Mixed them with 1/2 a cup of butter (see, I told you: not healthy!) and pressed them into a 9 x 13 inch pan.  Seems like you could use just about any kind of dry cookie as a crust.


Poured the sweetened condensed milk over the cookie crumb base.  Kind of fun to fill it all in.


Pressed the topping stuff into the pan and baked it for 25 minutes.  I was still not sure if this was really going to work!  It was hard to wait for them to cool before cutting.


Finished product!  I cut them into the suggested 24 bars and then cut them diagonally so I ended up with 48 pieces, less my sampling.  At this size, people can go  back for seconds without overdoing too much.  They tasted terrific and went over really well.

When I put them out at the board meeting, I did so with the following caution: “If you’re allergic to anything, it’s probably in here!”

Got a laugh, but seriously, there was even a Reese’s Cup left over from Halloween.


Perhaps best of all, I used up all these packets of yummy leftovers.  Can’t ever make it the same way twice, but I may make this a post-holiday season tradition.


8 thoughts on “Socially Unaccepable Cookie Bars

  1. RuthG says:

    I must confess, such treats don’t ever hang around so long in my kitchen! But what a fun idea! They do look yummy.

  2. Lol! I enjoyed your post. Did they eat them all or did you have to take some back home with you?

  3. Sundry says:

    Thanks for stopping by! There were about 10 left (17 board members…that’s quite a ratio). I took the rest to work, and they were snapped up.

  4. kitty says:

    Ooh, I want some!

  5. seabluelee says:

    Those sound delicious. I may have to buy some of those things just so I’ll have the necessary leftovers for making cookies. 🙂

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