Skull Candy


I apologize if this sort of thing makes you more squeamish than curious, but Hydra found owl pellets under the cedar trees when we were working in the yard last weekend.  I find them fascinating.

Pellets are what the owl coughs up after swallowing prey.  I took a few quick photos of what he found. We’re not sure what they all are, but there seem to be three different types.  This one, probably ground squirrel?


Not a clue.


My index finger for scale on this strange little skull.


I mean, I think they’re skulls.

Weirdly, these were all gone from the table on our front porch when we arrived home the other day, along with most of the other pellets. Not sure what to make of it.  Hydra thought they were blown away by the wind, but I would think they would still be in the area.

Maybe animals carted them off?


4 thoughts on “Skull Candy

  1. kitty says:

    Oh boy…interesting! How neat to have found these. Way to go Hydra! Makes me want to find out more about owls, their prey and their pellets.

  2. seabluelee says:

    Fascinating! Small bird skulls perhaps? Do owls eat smaller birds? I wouldn’t be surprised if the wind took your skulls. It’s been strong enough here to tip over saplings in 15 gallon pots.

    • Sundry says:

      Yes, I think owls will eat smaller birds!
      Wind…yes. Saw it rip off a neighbor’s brand new porch cover once. It wasn’t properly attached, but it was impressive anyway!

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