Lemonade and Harmony


I have to say that there is not much better than cold lemonade to quench one’s thirst after a hot couple of hours of yard work.  Made this with fresh fruit from L-Dub’s yard and agave nectar. 

Two near-perfect weekends in a row!  Last weekend Hydra and I camped with our musician friends all weekend and my singing group, The Harmonistas, performed at Fireside Concerts in Newbury Park, CA that Friday night.  A whole weekend of music, food and friendship.

This weekend, The Harmonistas had another gig, in Palmdale, on Saturday night. It was last minute so there was not a lot of time to get the word out, but Butler’s Coffee House’s regular crowd was friendly.  Kevin, the music guy, said our act is unique and engaging. 😀

The band members gathered at L-Dub’s house last weekend and at my house this weekend, to rehearse and prepare. Wonderful to have a reason to spend time with these creative women.  After the gig we sat around the living room and sang some more, just for fun!

Singing with The Harmonistas feels like drinking good lemonade.  Tart, sweet, and good for me.



2 thoughts on “Lemonade and Harmony

  1. RuthG says:

    So happy that you’ve had more chances to perform! Yay!

  2. Sundry says:

    Thanks! Feels like is all coming together. I was able to cook for The Harmonistas this weekend too. And a new writing group is rising from the ashes of an old one. My calendar is happy.

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