Burbanksy Hits the ‘Hood?



Wish I could say I coined that nickname for the artist who hit the corner of Evergreen and Riverside Drive near Priscilla’s Coffee House, but it was the office manager, Jens.

Different style than Banksy, of course, but the word play is nice.


Rude little boy!  Not sure if the marker was part of the original piece or not.  It might say “hashbird.”


Same electrical box, opposite side.


One thought on “Burbanksy Hits the ‘Hood?

  1. kitty says:

    Whoa! Really neat! I’d never heard of Banksy…you made me look him up …thanks. Remember those hands painted reaching up out of sewers in Paris? Love the idea of someone skulking around to do these things. I especially like Burbanksky’s figure of death behind the street crosser!

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