For the Longest Time

More of what I get up to when I’m not taking photos, writing and working my day job.

The Harmonistas stopped at Cafecito Organico in Malibu for some refreshments and played around with a riff from our arrangement of “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” while we waited. The barista/manager asked us to do the whole thing, but without a guitar we opted for “For the Longest Time,” which we do a capella.  This is impromptu and we didn’t have a pitch pipe to start, but we had fun.  The barista/manager said we made his day.  And he asked for our card for when he gets his music programming going.

Video by our intrepid videographer, Hydra!

Have to say that the soy chai latte at Cafe Organico was amazing and potentially addictive.  It’s made with fresh ginger and you can taste and feel it!


6 thoughts on “For the Longest Time

  1. kitwocky says:

    Fantastic! Sal – you have a beautiful voice. What a treat. I hope that you all got your coffees comped in exchange for that wonderful performance!

  2. seabluelee says:

    Wow, what a treat those folks got! That was fun – thanks for sharing.

    • Sundry says:

      I’m always a teensy bit worried that they are starting to regret it once we get going. We’ve done stuff like this a couple of times… We did “Lollipop” at Launice’s favorite strawberry stand on the spur of the moment. “)

  3. kitty says:

    Oh boy, I wish some musical group would burst into song when I’m waiting in line sometime! So fun!

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