Terrible Beauty: SHS 6.2.13

I have only reblogged another blogger’s post once or twice in the 5+ years I’ve been blogging, but this one really captures the “Terrible Beauty” of the effects of the Powerhouse Fire on our area. Thanks, Sea Blue Lens, for sharing your amazing photos.

Yesterday we spoke to a young man who was called up to fight this fire.  I had the impression it was his first big one.  He was working at Souplantation.  I wish we’d gotten his name.  We certainly are thinking of him and all the other fire crews out there risking everything.

Sea Blue Lens

It’s a different kind of Scavenger Hunt Sunday this week. We don’t have any prompts except “Photographer’s Choice” — we’re meant to choose our five favorite photos of the week, of any subject we like.

Late Thursday afternoon, heading home after a shopping trip, I saw smoke rising beyond the horizon and pulled over to snap a photo with my iPhone.

IMG_0794-2Uh oh.

As soon as I got home I checked the television news to find out what was happening. A wildfire had begun about an hour earlier in the Angeles National Forest, about 16 miles northwest of here as the crow flies. (We are not in danger.) It’s being called the Powerhouse fire.

About ten minutes later, I took this photo from behind the garage . . .


. . . and then over the next hour and a half I watched in horrified fascination as smoke spread…

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