Elephants Charging


My friend Shu-Ju Wang of Fingers to the Bone Studio allowed me to print out this collage of a drawing in progress that she did while hanging out at a gallery at which her work was on display a couple of weeks ago.  I just love it.

Now it’s inside my writing notebook, because it says something to me about the creative process that I’m not going to mess up by trying to articulate.  You probably get it just from looking at this.

My writing group has reformed with new members.  I am feeling like I’m coming home to my writing again after spending some time freaking out  in the wilds, then finally focusing on other creative outlets like music, cooking and gardening.

Like I say to my fabulous nieces and nephews, defend your art, whatever it is.  Participating in the creative process, even if you have to change your approach to it, will get you through tough times like nothing else.

One thought on “Elephants Charging

  1. kitty says:

    Wise words. Lucky nieces and nephews!

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