What Can You Shoot in Las Vegas?


Well, I mean other than the same shots a million other people have taken.  How about these superheroes off for a day of work?

Hydra came to Las Vegas on Monday to gather with friends from Bravo Troop, 7th Squadron, 17th Air Cav.  I stayed home with the flock until Thursday when I took the train to work, and Jens took me to the Burbank airport for the 50 minute flight to Las Vegas.  Just in time to have dinner, hang out, and drive back with him the next day.


We had coffee with a few other couples who were also leaving early in the day, then went to my favorite  place in Las Vegas, Mon Ami Gabi for breakfast. One is able to sit at the outdoor cafe and people-watch.  I’m not a big fan of Las Vegas, but people watching is good.  (I’m too cheap to throw my money at the games!)


I was impressed with the multiple glasses, etc. the bus boys were able to carry.  Missed a bunch of shots, but finally got this one on the way out of the restaurant.


These fledglings landed in the Japanese boxwood right below our table.  Thank goodness for birds.


In the bathroom at Mon Ami Gabi.  Another advantage to being an early riser.  You can get shots like this!

Do you suppose anyone who has had too much to drink has ever feared that they stumbled into The Shining?


Same bathroom, less scary part.


My foot in Las Vegas.  In the passage between Paris Las Vegas and Bally’s.


Looking up from approximately the same position.


Gecko!! I always appreciate freeway art.  Thank you, Nevada.

Left home at 5 a.m. Thursday. Returned by 2:00 p.m. Friday, having been in a very very different environment.  Felt I had lost a day…or gained two.  Or…This is still Friday, right?


6 thoughts on “What Can You Shoot in Las Vegas?

  1. I have such a love for bathrooms. When I was a little girl, my dad noted that anywhere we were, I asked to go to the bathroom. And when I came back, I was always talking about how it looked. I think high end hotels and Vegas casino bathrooms are my favorites. Great shot of the stalls…as weird as it might sound to utter those words.

    • kitwocky says:

      I’m feeling less odd as I “meet” fellow bathroom afficionados! I was just at Soho House last week for the first time and took a pic of the women’s room. Loved it.

    • Sundry says:

      Love it! I have a couple shots of the lovely prints in the bathroom at the Beverly Hills Hotel, too. Bathrooms say a lot about the establishments!

  2. kitwocky says:

    Great shots. I especially enjoyed your foot, which appeared to be quite happy!

  3. kitty says:

    Thanks for the little trip thru the most interesting of Las Vegas! Such good shots! (I was glad to see your referral to the stalls as scarey…my first reaction was dread.) Your foot is very pretty, by the way!

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