Indiana Home


This is where I come from.  The view from the back door where I grew up, where Kitty still lives.  She’s been on this land for many decades and has done it justice.  It’s like a little park.

The woods in the background on the far side of the field is a patch of the great forest that once covered most of Indiana, interrupted only by prairies, swamps and thousands of pretty little lakes.  Something just opens up inside me when I get here.


Farmer Kitty.  My brother B and I (I cannot keep track of all the nicknames sometimes!) helped build the raised garden a few years ago.  Pea pods for supper!


I love the back deck.  The sliding glass door and deck were added after I moved out, but they fit so well.  It’s lovely to sit under the ash tree and enjoy the sound of the leaves in the breeze.


4 thoughts on “Indiana Home

  1. Looks so peaceful and refreshing. How fortunate you are to have these deep roots, and to be able to go home.

  2. seabluelee says:

    That was my thought, too. How wonderful to know where you came from, and to be able to go back there. It looks like a beautiful place.

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