Small Acorns to Mighty Karaoke Grow


We converged on The Old Train Depot in Pierceton  on both of the Thursday nights I was in Indiana…because they have great karaoke there, as well as an interesting menu.  The entrance is around the back from this shot, up the stairs.


Pegerty says the place is co-owned by a bunch of cousins.  How cool is that?  There are a few four-tops and more two-tops around the central bar, which overlooks the big event space on the first floor.


The bartender is a great singer.  In fact, he’s a member of The Haines Brothers band, and they’re recording an album in Nashville this summer!


Tim runs a really swinging karaoke session.  He sings lots of standards and rock classics and was so generous in making us feel comfortable singing.  The second time we went, he brought us up and sprang surprise songs on us… “I know you can do this.” LOL.  We weren’t really prepared for I Feel the Earth Move, but we did it!


The first time we were there, John and I had just arrived the day before and we were a little punchy.  I think a camera war is breaking out right here.  Where’s BRIAN?


Siblings forever.


And then on the second visit, the big guns came out.  John did a recitation of The Shooting of Dan McGrew by Robert W. Service.  And a hush fell over the bar room….


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