Long Walk for a Short Joke


Spent aloe vera seed pods on a chair.


Bee on the oregano blossoms.


Quail on the fire road.


Rose in the planter, after rain.


Dog on a trampoline.


Rose of Sharon blossoms on the ground.


Fool on the hill.


4 thoughts on “Long Walk for a Short Joke

  1. kitty says:

    Now that wasn’t very kind to a guy who is always ready to entertain! Thanks for sharing the great pix!

    • Sundry says:

      I know. He takes a lot of ribbing.

      I was actually taking shots of a raven fledgling on the hill when he got into the shot and thought I was focusing on him. That’ll teach him!

  2. markrhunter says:

    It may have been a long walk, but I still laughed out loud!

  3. Sundry says:

    Thanks, Mark. It helps to marry your punchline.

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