Notes From an Industry Neighborhood


No Parking


This sign was posted next to my car where I park on the street outside of Priscilla’s Coffee House in Burbank/Toluca Lake.  We’re on the edge of the Burbank Media District that includes Warner Brothers, The Disney Channel and other television, film and music business companies.

We received a notice inside saying that they are going to film a scene from Scandal there.   Over the past few years, Desperate Housewives filmed at Priscilla’s several times.  I didn’t watch the show, but my company did the legal research for it.  They filmed one of the pivotal murder-mystery scenes there, I gather.


When I went for a walk I saw this great ad in a local front yard, soliciting an Emmy vote for the terrific Netflix-produced House of Cards.  There was also a yard sign for Arrested Development,

What?  No love for Orange is the New Black, my personal favorite of the three?  Or maybe someone stole that sign.



2 thoughts on “Notes From an Industry Neighborhood

  1. Sandy says:

    Love your blog and pictures. Did you know Where some of the rest of Scandel is filmed I do very close to both of us.. Or should I saybon my way home from work….

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