Stuff on the Ground


I’ve started walking around my work neighborhood in the mornings. It’s often too hot these days to walk when I get home.  I’ve noticed there’s lots of interesting stuff on the ground in this mature area, including this sidewalk stamp that seems to jibe with Wikipedias’ history of Toluca Lake.


But mostly the interesting stuff is organic, which plays into a theme I share an interest in with my nephew, DBeans….the intersection of nature and humans.

Somebody poured this concrete.  Somebody planted this tree.


The benefits of blogging are many!  I misidentified this as a horse chestnut seed pod a long time ago.  I just went to confirm and found out that it’s actually a sweet gum fruit pod.

I love these things, but I’ll bet no one is planting them in neighborhoods these days because while they are cool looking, they do present a very real ankle-turning hazard.

P1020764Tiny avocado.  I almost thought it was something else because it’s so small, about 3 inches long, but the overhanging tree was full of more of them in that distinctive avocado tree style.  Young tree.



Geranium petals.


Random little green things.  I haven’t a clue, but they were kind of darling lying there.  They would fit on top of a quarter easily.


I don’t know what that organic thing is.  Perhaps related to the magnolia tree?  Does anyone know?


We were here!


Oleander blossoms.  Do not eat.  (Like you would.  But seriously, don’t.)



Not exactly underfoot, but on the ground.  BIG honking squash of some kind.  It seems kind of eerily out of place in this neighborhood of neatly trimmed lawns, but I like it.  A lot.


3 thoughts on “Stuff on the Ground

  1. Jean says:

    Yes, that is a Magnolia seed pod. Ugly as heck, but produce beautiful flowers that smell heavenly. Note for kids, avoid like the plague while riding a skateboard.

  2. kitty says:

    Ha! Great bit! What’s next with you!?

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