Walking in the World

  P1020787I would have missed this if I hadn’t gone for a walk.

I’ve had a rough couple of weeks at work, with long days chock full of unusual queries and requests for lots of research done on an extreme rush timetable….which creates lots of loose ends that are a bit difficult to keep track of. Some of it’s kind of fun, figuring out new things.  Some’s just work.

But I’ve gone out early each day for the past week to get a solid start on my 10,000 step daily goal and it is transforming my attitude.  No matter what happens, I have images in my head–and sometimes in my camera–that I would not have otherwise captured.


Among the nice house in Toluca Lake, this lovely ranch style spider home.


That magnolia tree bud thing that BikerGrrrl IDed last week, on the tree.  You see evidence of the flora that inspired the Craftsman movement in architecture all around Southern California.  I love it.


The light will never be quite like this again.

I’m walking during some of the time I was reserving for writing, so a shift is still going on.  My new writing group is inspiring me, though, and I feel a new project in the making along with the many I touch on at any given time.

I have long felt that I had to devote myself to just one writing project at a time, furiously, but this little book Steal LIke an Artist by Austin Kleon was offered as a KIndle special last week and I’m reading it verrrrry slowly and it’s loosening up some of my sedentary processes.

It’s good to keep moving.


7 thoughts on “Walking in the World

  1. You capture the most exquisite images, Sally! And I am going to think about this line all day: “The light will never be quite like this again.”

  2. Ed says:

    Sally, I love your photography and thoughts. These are really good and wonderful use of light.

  3. Sundry says:

    Thanks, Ed! I really appreciate that, especially coming from you.Love your work.

  4. Forrest says:

    This is the beautiful thing about “active transportation” like walking; without the walls and ceiling in the car, and also thanks to the slower pace, you notice things that have always been there but have eluded your attention.

    I’ve been using a fitbit, it’s pushing me to walk more than I would otherwise, at least after work. Aside from taking in little vignettes of my city and occasionally finding myself in a conversation with people who’ve lived in my neighborhood longer than I’ve been alive, it’s also giving me time away from the usual distractions, which clears my head and gives me this peaceful feeling. I like it a lot.

  5. kitty says:

    I can’t express my happiness at seeing through your eyes.

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