Lost in Burbank


Just a little bit, for just a little while.

And not yet, in this shot of the 134 from the Pass Avenue overpass at around 7:30 this morning.  Take note of the row of orange apartment buildings along the right side of the freeway.


Apparently some of my fellow walkers are not cleaning up after themselves.

I decided to walk in the opposite direction from the one I’ve taken in the past week, so I could stop at my regular Starbucks for a tall cold soy blonde and a pound of ground Veranda blend on the way back.


Between the freeway and Warner Brother’s back lot off of Pass Avenue, the streets wind around a lot and frequently dead end.

Here’s a shot of a set from outside.  See how it’s clapboard on the front and corrugated metal on the back?


Crow on the faux church steeple, keeping it real.


Nice to see someone has a sense of humor about the stone lion that probably came with their modest Burbank bungalow.


Figured I’d better post this photo since I hope never to walk down this forsaken stretch of asphalt again.  I emerged from the neighborhood quite surprised to find myself between a row of apartment buildings and the freeway.  That’s the Disney Channel building in the center.

The row of orange apartment buildings on the right side of the first photos are now on my left.

I’ve been working in this neighborhood for almost 15 years and I still get all turned around.  It’s hopeless.  Here’s a little history I came across in trying to find info about this segment of the Warner lot, which is about a mile from the main lot.  If you take a look at the map of historic Columbia Ranch in 1929, you’ll the winding roads I am talking about.  Now imagine an 8-lane freeway angling through the bottom of the picture.

Cool moment du jour: I was in Starbucks about an hour and a half later than usual, and ran into my next door neighbor there.  I didn’t recognize her because we don’t see each other too often, but her tall, friendly son Kyle and I looked at each other with smiling shock.  Turns out she started working in this neighborhood about a year after I did, and today was his first day at the same credit union branch in which she works.  Amazing.


One thought on “Lost in Burbank

  1. kitty says:

    How fun….the way you do get around and show us stuff! Thanks

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