A Kiss to Build a Dream On


Hydra and I went to a moving sale at a really beautiful property off of Crown Valley road.   There was only one thing there that, as LDub says, “just couldn’t be left behind.”  I thought they might ask two dollars and I might offer them a dollar.  The woman only asked 50 cents, so I took it, thinking I might put it in one of my plant pots.

The seller said it was old, as it had been her dad’s for a long time.

Hydra recognized it as a kissing couple, though the mechanism on the back was broken off.  Back home, he found a video of a working stopper.

I did a little research and found that it’s probably a real hand-carved ANRI bottle stopper,  probably made in Italy between 1912 and 1976.  I found an informative article by Philly Rains on a site dedicated to collecting Anri carvings.

Since the mechanism is broken, it probably doesn’t have much value as a collectible, which was not my point in buying it anyway.


I think the faces on this one are particularly sweet.   A lot of them are rather grotesque. Maybe I’ll find a place in the kitchen for it rather than put it in a pot.



4 thoughts on “A Kiss to Build a Dream On

  1. What a find! I bet it can be fixed. Even if not, it’s a treasure.

  2. kitty says:

    What an interesting find! And so neat that Hydra knew what it was. I LOVE the way you dig for explanations and details!

  3. […] page drawing of a little wine stopper I bought at a yard sale a few years ago. The original is more charming.  Should have relied on the […]

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