6 thoughts on “Walk the Walk

  1. Las Weezas says:

    Sundry….i just requested the Kleon book from my library. Why does everything on your blog look so inviting!?

  2. OK. This is too much. You write beautifully, your photos are always evocative, and while I have heard your singing only once, I could tell that it, too, is terrific. Now you have to go and tell us that you can draw, too??? I love these sketches! 😉

  3. kitwocky says:

    I love this post. Your drawings are enchanting. Love that your tapping into all of your creative stores (which are evidently vast!). Will check out this book. Thanks!

  4. Sundry says:

    I feel so empowered right now. Everything plays into everything else. When I started doing yoga, I swear it improved my singing ability by leaps because all the breath work made it so I didn’t have to plot out where to take a gulp of air between lines!

    I’d like to also read AK’s book of poems, which were made by deleting everything but the found poems from newspaper articles!

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