Hastily shot photo of the exit gate at DreamWorks from the back seat of One L’s car.  Everyone–all seven of us– from Marshall/Plumb Research was invited to have lunch with the lovely Cath & Ad from animation clearances.

My script research job is pretty much just work that I kind of love.  Like many jobs, it has its ups and downs.  But every once in a while it includes a really cool perk!


We lunched under the umbrellas to the right of the photograph,  next to the lagoon.  The Dreamworks commissary was a little mind-boggling and free to employees and their guests.  That would be us!  We chose between several hot food lines, pastas, panini, salad bar, all kinds of beverages, dessert.  There is also a grill and taco place out on one of the balconies.   I had mashed potatoes, the yummy veggie entree and arugula/fennel salad.

Even more interesting than the food was the atmosphere.  Most of the tables were filled with people talking in an animated fashion. Ha ha.

The grounds are called a campus and it really has that feeling.   It reminded me of the days when I worked in the UCLA library system.

“This would be the perfect place to work,” I’d say, “If we could just get rid of all the pesky students.”

Usually, this earned me a reproachful look.  Sigh.  It’s a JOKE.


The fishing boy on the crescent moon symbol!  As topiary!

We had a little tour of the grounds and were taken into one of the artists’ office areas.  At first I thought it was not in use.  The large room was darkish and divided into roomy looking cubicles.  The cubicle walls come up about four feet and then are topped with arching frosted glass.  There were drawings on some of the glass partitions.

The cubicles have their own den-like lighting.  Mostly nice lamps.

Take note, companies that are following the trend to toss lots of people into an open room with brightly lit low-privacy cubicles.  Humans can focus better in more comforting environments.  The artists’ room reminded me of how I prefer to write by candle light before dawn or after sunset.


Group shot of the Marshall/Plumbers. Beautiful day for a visit.  And not Christmas, the only other time we tend to get a group shot.
Thanks to Ad and Cath for inviting us!


6 thoughts on “DreamWorking

  1. kitty says:

    How fun! Always something going on in SoCal!

  2. kitwocky says:

    I’m so glad you still love it there. Hurrah!

    • Sundry says:

      Weird, but true. It’s a good combination of short deadlines, interesting challenges and almost complete self-direction. What a great thing you did when you connected me with this job!

  3. markrhunter says:

    ” animated fashion” … yeah, I see what you did there. 🙂

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