Minor Chords from Paradise

IMG_20130929_074718Stuff like this sometimes gets my goat.

Probably that phrase is a little overblown for this little old blog post. It would likely work better as, say, a Joan Didion title. But it’s what came to me while I was walking around the park this morning. Because, see, minor chords are sad and most of my posts about Acton are all “ain’t this cute?”  Today a couple of things weren’t perfect.

I thought you’d like to know that.

This first photo is a shot of the kind of thing that exasperates me. These little flags were flying along the track this morning.  They mark water sprinkler heads that have been covered over with gravel or overgrown by weeds. What?

 Lewis Black

I could seriously go all Lewis Black over this sort of thing.  I mean—  Isn’t it a lot more work to buy the flags, walk the grounds placing the flags, dig out the sprinkler head later, pick up the flags and store the flags than to just do the work in the first place?

Okay, deep breath.  I’m over it.

IMG_20130929_075540Sorry about the weird cell-phone camera interpretation of the light.

One of the reasons I like getting to the park early is because the ravens often play there in the morning.  I have missed some great shots of them on the outdoor exercise equipment, etc.

I love them so much that this morning I picked up the remnants of a little girl’s birthday party from a circumference of about 24 feet around a trash can they raided because I don’t want other people to hate them for scattering stuff.

I can only imagine the clever ravens’ dismay when they tore into the contents of this prime looking bag.  Which is actually a Mutt Mitt, provided by the park for the disposal of dog poo.

“ACK! ACK! ACK!” is right.


4 thoughts on “Minor Chords from Paradise

  1. Sandy says:

    Quote the Raven never more…….

  2. kitty says:

    Heh heh…well, you made me go to you tube to find out who the heck Lewis Black is. Very irritated guy…are my ears red?

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