Details from the Weekend


These images brought to you by friendship! 

Rona, the manager of the campground we went to with Songmakers last weekend, was excited to point out this stump which is stuffed with acorns.  Woodpeckers made the holes and tucked their stash in them. She knew I’d like it!

Richard, a Songmakers friend, coincidentally loaned me a 1.8 Nikon lens to play with.   I am not a gear-head.  I have a couple of terrific zooms, but I can barely recite the pertinent specs on them.  I’ve been wanting a lens that would do this for me, but I thought I’d have to spend a lot more, so I didn’t do much research. 


A more direct shot.



Another nearby stump with a little fungi on it. 


Like a tiny city on a plain.


A bat landed on Barb & Ed’s SUV window.  I took lots of pictures before it flew away.  It landed on Tom’s shoulder and Andy plucked it off just before Tom was going to get into his car.  Yipes, glad Tom didn’t drive off with it there.  Can you imagine the scene that might have unfolded in the car?


Richard told me that the lens grabs a lot of light and is good for shooting indoors with available light.  So of course I had to try it at night and about 25 feet from the source of light (a campfire).  I”m impressed!


8 thoughts on “Details from the Weekend

  1. Wonderful photos! The tiny city is so intriguing. The bat? Not so much. Would have keeled over in terror if it had landed on me.

  2. kitwocky says:

    I adore bats – how exciting! And the lens is super cool. Now I’m going to look into it… oh dear, just what I need.

  3. kitty says:

    Oh you’re not going to be able to resist this lens! What wonderful detail and light!!

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