Food Fashion Plate


Las Weezas brought this amazing dragon fruit to The Harmonistas’ overnight rehearsal and food fest.

They arrived at the house around 12:30 on Saturday and stayed till around 6:00 on Sunday night.  We had a terrific time rehearsing and sharing food. Even managed to go to The 49er in Acton  for dinner on Saturday night and danced to a sixties rock n roll/surfer music band.


Dragon fruit, raspberries and blueberries on Las Weezas’ Greek yogurt.  What a wake up call on Sunday morning!


I decided not to make a big fuss over breakfast, so we had fruit and yogurt–most of which the others brought–and toast, and pulled all the jams and lemon curd, etc. out of the fridge.  Singfolk manned the toaster, I made coffee and decaf.


Quite a spread, right?


Too funny how LDub set up the dragon fruit and I took a shot.  Then she added the mango: another shot.  Blueberries accent, last shot!  I’m eating it now!


One last look at all the jams.  I don’t really use them enough to justify having all this variety, but there was this sale on the Bon Mamman brand at Fresh & Easy last month when I was able to get there…

Anyway, it’s a lot of fun, but also a lot of concentration and we were all righteously tired at the end of each day. Love the commitment and the way we all voice our opinions and are heard.

Looking forward with great anticipation to our West L.A. concert next weekend!!


2 thoughts on “Food Fashion Plate

  1. Las Weezas says:

    Great food memories, and pretty memories too Sundry!

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