Harvest Lunch – Squash and Tomatillos


Tomatillos were included in my latest CSA box from SavRaw. Our African Grey parrot, Dodger, started the process of removing the outer leafy wrapping when I wasn’t looking.


Carnival squash, which is marginally easier to cut than acorn squash.

While I roasted the squash at 375 degrees, I also toasted the seeds on another cookie sheet for about 10 minutes.  Tossed an apple in and roasted it whole. Also a whole onion cut into 8ths and a couple of cloves of garlic.

After the squash came out I set the oven to broil and cooked the tomatillos along with some small red tomatoes under the flame for 5-10 minutes till they were blackened bit.  Used my hand blender to blend the tomatillos, half of the onion and the garlic together. It was very very tart, so I added  in a few of the red tomatoes until it was a bit milder.

I had some steamed brown jasmine rice on hand, so I mixed the tomatillo sauce into the rice along with the rest of the chopped roasted onion bits. Kitty and I ended up adding a bit of the roasted apple to the stuffing mix now and again, and it was good!  Might add raisins another time.

A few leaves of arugula rounded out the flavor pallet…savory, salt, sweet, peppery/bitter.


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