Ogling Nature


This dreamy shot of a roadrunner brought to you by Nikon d7000 and the 18-105mm zoom that is my usual lens.  I would not have gotten this with an iPhone camera.

I always feel that a roadrunner sighting is an omen of good fortune, maybe because just seeing one in person is rather rare even up here where they live. This one walked into our yard and scoped out the big metal roadrunner on our wall, turned and looked at me (in the library/music room window), and then strode away when I tried to call Hydra.

He took off toward the slope between our yard and the open hillside, so I located my camera and ran to the master bathroom, where  I saw him hunting along the edge of the fireroad behind the house. The shot above was taken at an angle to the window, through a screen and at some distance.  The image below is the pre-cropped original.


16.2 megapixels may seem like overkill, but in a situation like this, it’s just barely enough!


2 thoughts on “Ogling Nature

  1. torty2010 says:

    Roadrunners are the best – and their song is fabulous!!

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