Muscle Shoals Documentary…and Art!


Kitty and I stopped by The Forge Gallery on our way into  Lancaster’s  BLVD Cinemas . These ceramic pieces really caught our eye.

We saw Muscle Shoals, a documentary about a small town music studio in Alabama that I would recommend to anyone, but especially music fans.  Wonderful look into a little corner of musical history I wasn’t aware of, the birth of the Muscle Shoals Sound!

I love documentaries like this, where I learn something and I am also treated to some gorgeous images.  The filmmaker makes a wonderful case for the impact of landscape on this chapter of pop music history.  I’m always interested in the ways people are impacted by landscape, so this really resonated.


This one I could see in my house.  I like the mix of traditional style and the characters.


I especially like the frog.


2 thoughts on “Muscle Shoals Documentary…and Art!

  1. kitwocky says:

    Love all the pottery! Want.

  2. Sundry says:

    I particularly like pottery as an art form, myself!

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