Terminal Island Isn’t the End of the Earth


But’s it’s close to the end of the continental U.S.

This is the face of one of the figures at the Terminal Island Japanese Memorial.  It was hard to find even with the GPS, as it is kind of hidden between a parking lot and the water.  Very well done in spite of the small amount of space allotted to tell the story of the Japanese families who were routed from their fishing island in February 1942 with 48-hours notice. Now it’s highly industrial and part of one of the busiest ports in the U.S.

I was interested in this memorial because Hydra and I visit the former internment camp at Manzanar just about every year since the first time we stumbled onto it in 2003. It also provided a destination for a visit to this island, which I’ve heard about for a long time. I like this sort of exploring, where I have a destination but take time to look around along the way.  I’ve happened upon some great things in New York City that way, on a walk from one place to another.


Still marginalized.


It felt to me that one is looking back at the village and the other is looking at the coming of those who would send them to internment camps.


A photo of the old village is printed on clear glass along with a poem in English and Japanese.


The view beyond.  We could hear sea lions barking on some of the unpaved ground behind us.


We had considered having breakfast at the only restaurant listed for Terminal Island, but the Yelp reviews of The Harbor Light indicated that it is pretty rough and tumble. See Terry K’s review “A flashback to the good old days days when being in port meant getting drunk in the red light district with unshaven amputees and chancing being robbed and shanghaied, the last vestige of the world famous brawling streets of Old San Pedro. Order the daily special to optimize the odds of getting fresh ingredients, and do as the locals do, wash it down with liberal doses of alcohol in cans, just in case. Step carefully in the restroom, that really is the ocean down there between your feet. Don’t tease the fish with dangling bait.”

I think we are glad we went to the Bake N Broil instead.  None of the other businesses seem to be operating around here…Saturdays are sloowwww.


Gee, these signs will probably help a lot.

Kitty and I were there on Saturday, November 2, 2013.


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