Urban Wildlife: The Honey Badger of Alhambra


Remember that Crazy Nastyass Honeybadger (narrated by Randall) video that went around a few years ago?  Well, there’s a Honey Badger Cafe in Alhambra! The menu actually looks really interesting, but Kitty and I had already eaten at a Vietnamese place around the corner.  Love the artwork on the blackboard in the cafe’s outdoor seating area.

Alhambra has a kind of bustling little downtown area.  If only the parking weren’t so difficult…

We’d just come from Valley Boulevard, where went in hopes of some great noodles.  Bamboodles closed a couple of years ago, but last year we found another good place around there, and saw several on one corner, but when we went back the restaurants had all changed and didn’t look particularly inviting. So Kitty asked some kitchen workers on their break in one of the Chinese places where we could find good Vietnamese, and a nice guy directed us to Pho 79 in Alhambra. The food was good, but the server was unable to help us try to find something we hadn’t had before.

Then we passed a place serving food from Borneo after we’d already eaten. What!?  Next year!


2 thoughts on “Urban Wildlife: The Honey Badger of Alhambra

  1. Sandy says:

    Good noodle place in Burbank, called Momma Ho’s on San Fernando Rd, by Fuddruckers.

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