Walking Acton


Hydra and I went out for a walk/hike on Sunday afternoon.  We followed this arroyo, which is the result of improper drainage from the neighborhood next to ours over something like 15 years.


We were surprised by how much deeper it has become in the past few years since we took a real look at it.  Even deeper than this in some places


Looking down into the arroyo.  Water makes beautiful patterns in the soil.


On flatter ground east of where we live.


Watch out. People may be out with their seated dogs.


2 thoughts on “Walking Acton

  1. torty2010 says:

    This is where you live? It’s beautiful!

    • Sundry says:

      Yes, we live in a manufactured home community here. Um, trailer park to much of the world (except that we own the land, we don’t rent.) There’s green (well brown most of the time) space around us and right behind our house. We love it here, in spite of the commute!

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